Fall 2017

Math 1510 Calculus I

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General Information, Syllabus, Assessment and Test Dates

Undergraduate Catalog Description: Elementary functions; differentiation and integration from geometric and symbolic viewpoints; limits, continuity; applications. Fall and Spring semester. Prerequisite: A grade of "C-" or better in Math 1400 Precalculus, or placement.

Course Goals

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the concepts and techniques of calculus, particularly differentiation and the fundamentals of integration.
  • Develop the ability to apply your knowledge of calculus to solve unfamiliar problems.
  • Develop skills for working effectively with others on mathematics problems.


Chapter 1: Foundation for Calculus: Functions and Limits
Chapter 2: Key Concept: The Derivative
Chapter 3: Short Cuts to Differentiation
Chapter 4: Using the Derivative
Chapter 5: Key Concept: The Definite Integral
Chapter 6: Constructing Antiderivatives


1.Group Work 10%
2.Online homework10%
3.Group Quizzes (best 6 of 7 count)10%
4."Gateway" exam10%
6.Final Examination24%

Each group work must be completed. It must be handed in (to be graded) by the next class period. This will sometimes, perhaps even usually, mean continuing to work on it after class.

Test Schedule

Test 1: Wednesday, September 20
Test 2: Wednesday, October 18
Test 3: Tuesday, November 21
Final: Wednesday, December 13
WARNING: Do NOT make travel arrangements that conflict with these test and exam dates. Alert your family to your test and exam schedule!

Gateway Exam Schedule

First attempt (in class): Tuesday, October 31
Second attempt (outside class): Thursday, November 9
Third attempt (outside class): Thursday, November 16
Final attempt (outside class): Thursday, November 30

Quiz Schedule

Quiz 1: Monday, September 5
Quiz 2: Tuesday, September 12
Quiz 3: Friday, September 29
Quiz 4: Monday, October 9
Quiz 5: Wednesday, November 1
Quiz 6: Monday, November 13
Quiz 7: Friday, December 8