Zassenhaus 2007

Group Theory Conference


Arrangements have been made for conference participants to stay at either the Water Tower Inn or the Manresa Center. The Water Tower Inn is a university-operated hotel located 1.5 miles south of the conference location. The Manresa Center is a university-owned retreat center located about 0.9 miles north west of the conference location. Shuttle transport will be provided to and from both locations midday and evening Friday, morning and evening Saturday, and Sunday morning and midday.

The Water Tower Inn

The Water Tower Inn is the preferred hotel for conference participants. The Water Tower Inn has set aside a block of rooms for conference participants until Month Day. The cost is $75 + tax (total $80.44) per room per night. (An additional guest may stay in most rooms at no additional charge.) Reservations may be made by phone (314.977.7500) or online at the Water Tower Inn web site. When making a reservation make sure you specify that you are attending the Zassenhaus 2007 group theory conference, or you may be told that no rooms are available (the hotel is currently completely set aside for groups like Zassenhaus 2007 for the weekend of the conference). Notes:

Mapquest map of the location of the Water Tower Inn - also see the map at the bottom of this page.

The Manresa Center

Front of the Manresa Center

Manresa Center

Manresa Center Bedroom

Manresa Center Room

Accommodation is also available for $30 per person per night at the Manresa Center. This is a charge per person with no reduction for sharing rooms. The Manresa Center is a former monastery now used as a retreat and conference center (we will not be using the conference facilities at the Manresa Center). There are 21 single rooms, 9 double rooms and 4 triple rooms available. The rooms are equipped with dressers, reading lamps, coat racks and, in some instances, desks. Bathroom facilities are shared. Genders will be separated by floors, with the third floor reserved for couples (that floor has the fewest single rooms). A general description is that the Manresa Center accommodations are somewhat spartan but certainly adequate and secure. In order to use the Manresa Center for conference accommodation, two conditions apply:


Mapquest map of the location of the Manresa Center - also see the map at the bottom of this page.

Personal Safety

Saint Louis University, the Water Tower Inn and the Manresa Center are located in the mid-town area of St. Louis. While you are within any of these locations you are secure. As with any urban center, you should use common sense regarding your personal safety when walking off campus or in the areas around the Water Tower Inn or the Manresa Center, particularly at night-time.


Showing the Water Tower Inn, the Manresa Center and the Conference location.

Map showing the Water Tower Inn, the Manresa Center and the Conference location

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