Cycle Practice (Cobweb Plot)

Math 1250 Seminar in Mathematics:
Mathematical Thinking in the Real World

Cycle Practice (Cobweb Plot) Activity

Cycle Practice: match the pattern by choosing the correct starting point. Red represents the left half of the interval [0,1] while blue represents the right half. The final point (displayed as an open circle) must return to the starting point x0.

Enter a new value for x0 (and hit "Enter") to start your attempt at pattern matching. Provided your choice is on track at each stage the button "Step" should be used to iterate the function, that is, to generate the next step of the cobweb plot.

(Use the icon with two arrows around a circle at the top right of the applet to reset the window if necessary.)

This GeoGebra applet is based on the Java applet of the same name found on the page of applets by Bob Devaney (Boston University).

Logistic map, Wikipedia, accessed January 19, 2017. Used to compute possible cycles.