Spring 2021

Math 1520 Calculus II

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Important dates during the semester are listed here. You will also need to pay attention to the due dates for group work, WeBWorK assignments, discussion posts and other work that will be posted as part of the workflow in each module of the course.

Important: the dates listed below are subject to adjustment, for example, if SLU calls a short halt to classes to provide time to transition from (some) in-person classes to entirely online classes. Our schedule is designed to provide time for such a transition. If there is no transition then we will conclude the semester with additional review time.

  • Monday February 8: Quiz 1 due
  • Monday February 15: Quiz 2 due
  • Tuesday February 23: Test 1 due
  • Thursday February 25: Gateway, attempt 1 due (in WeBWorK)
  • Tuesday March 2: Quiz 3 due
  • Thursday March 4: Gateway, attempt 2 due (in WeBWorK)
  • Wednesday March 10: Quiz 4 due
  • Wednesday March 17: Test 2 due
  • Thursday March 18: Gateway, attempt 3 due (in WeBWorK)
  • Tuesday March 23: Quiz 5 due
  • Thursday March 25: Gateway, attempt 4 due (in WeBWorK)
  • Wednesday March 31: Quiz 6 due
  • Thursday April 1: Gateway, attempt 5 due (in WeBWorK) - available to students who had a technical issue on one of the first four attempts, requires approval
  • Monday April 12: Test 3 due
  • Friday April 16: Quiz 7 due
  • Wednesday April 21: Quiz 8 due
  • Friday April 30: Test 4 due
  • Monday May 10: Quiz 9 due
  • FINAL EXAM: due Monday May 17 at 6 p.m.

WARNING: Alert your family to your test and exam schedule!