Reform in Pre-Calculus Courses

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A Brief Overview of Pre-Calculus Reform

Although "Reform" of calculus instruction is something that can occur at all institutions, the vast majority of schools in the U.S. are responsible for teaching courses below the level of calculus to a large number of students. If reform is worthwhile for calculus, then it is all the more worthwhile for courses below that level, since these courses are largely populated by students who have not flourished in traditional course environments. Moreover, for those students who go on to study calculus, it makes sense to provide a preparation that is coherent with their future calculus courses.

Pre-Calculus Reform at Saint Louis University

Graphing calculators have been used in MT-A141 Precalculus since Fall 1993. Their adoption in this course marked the start of our Department's journey along the path to more widespread reform, in particular in calculus. More recently graphing calculators have been introduced in MT-A120 College Algebra. True content reform of these courses has yet to be seriously considered; pedagogical reforms have, however, been implemented by several instructors.

Pre-Calculus Reform Elsewhere

A collections of links to descriptions of pre-calculus reform elsewhere will be given here.

Pre-Calculus Reform Resources

Resources exist on the web in support of pre-calculus reform. Some will be listed here.
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