Mathematics Links

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Mathematics at Saint Louis University

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics site has information about the Department, including:
  • Information about degree programs, both undergraduate and graduate
  • Course descriptions
  • Listing of Department faculty (with links to home pages), and contact information
  • Class schedules for current and future semesters
  • Department events
  • A home page for the Math and Computer Science Club (a student chapter of the MAA and the ACM)
  • The text of the Department's brochure "Success in Mathematics"
  • Downloadable courseware (Maple worksheets, Java applets, and TI-82/83/84/85 programs)

Professional Organizations

Selected Math Blogs/Math Resources

Math help sites

  • an external web site I am developing that explains common mistakes made by students in classes from algebra to multivariable calculus, and provides online flashcards and other resources for strengthening math skills used in those classes.